“By far the best experience with any staffing agency. The staff is professional, of good character and very helpful in my job search. They have treated me beyond my expectation. In my opinion ASC is the best!”

-Alfonso L.
Master Pipe Welder



“ASC has always provided us with the most suitable candidates when we have had open positions to fill. They do such a great job screening the applicants and truly stay committed to meeting our needs in the best possible way. The staff is very personable and great to work with. ASC really makes it clear that they are looking out for our best interest. They have been our choice staffing agency for many years and will continue to be the ones we call for all of our future needs.”

-Christy K.
Sr. Office Manager



“I would have to say American StaffCorp is by far my favorite temp agency to use. My Staffing Professional is so easy to work with. Any last minute changes or problems with personnel always seem to turn out positive.”

-Darren M.
Shipping & Receiving Supervisor



“I have worked with ASC for many years and have never been disappointed. Their staff is friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. They take the time to listen to what our needs are and to find the perfect candidate for the job. As an HR professional, they have made my job less stressful by providing exceptional service in helping us meet our staffing needs. I would highly recommend ASC to any company that needs assistance in their recruiting efforts. Hands down, ASC is the BEST in the industry!!”

-Lisa M.
Human Resource Generalist



“I was working a dead-end job for a little over 10 years. I went to ASC and now I have been on the job that ASC sent me to, going on 3 years and have received 3 promotions. THANKS ASC!”

-Albert H.
Shipping & Receiving Supervisor



“We’ve been using American StaffCorp to assist with our staffing needs for more than 15 years. ASC makes it their top priority to know what skill sets and experience work best for our company. With each position opening, ASC actively recruits and thoroughly screens each candidate on our behalf using their expertise to select those most qualified. Even at times when we do not have an open order, ASC will contact us if they find an individual that is well suited to our specific skill requirements. In our line of business of manufacturing custom products that require specialized and multi-talented craftsmen, it is a good business practice coupled with peace of mind to have a staffing company that is always working for you.”

-Susan L.



“Absolutely loved meeting my Staffing Professional. She is an excellent interviewer. I had a good impression and thought I made the right choice going into ASC and I was right! I would recommend ASC to anyone looking for help in finding your ideal career, not just a job!”

-Cheryl C.
Logistics Administrator



“American StaffCorp, inclusive of the recruiters, has proven to be a great business partner. Our facility receives good customer service and ASC is attentive to our needs. The open communication is splendid – they are thorough in their candidate search and match to our needs – follow up is a given – I know we can count on ASC when the order is placed. We will also refer candidates to ASC as we know the recruiters will do their best to match the skill sets with a potential employer. I highly recommend American StaffCorp for staffing needs. We have been very pleased with the organization and the professionalism ASC brings.”

HR Manager



“ASC surpassed all of my expectations. We were provided with well-qualified candidates on very short notice, and because of ASC’s hard work we were able to fill the position.”

-Tadd B.
General Counsel



“We rely on ASC to help us get top associates for our customers. We have worked with ASC for 7 years as our site has grown from 200 associates to our current staff of nearly 600. Our process of temp to perm is effective in making sure we are hiring and promoting the very best to serve our customers. The team at ASC has done a terrific job in assessing our needs, presenting a plan and working with our hiring managers to make sure our staffing needs are met. Also, the continued success of our contingent associates is critical for our business and to the associate’s success in their career. ASC partners with us with an onsite manager to ensure the appropriate coaching and support occurs on a daily basis. The recruiting team knows who to place, the leadership knows how to support and the whole team just gets it when partnering with a client. I recommend giving ASC an opportunity to anyone looking for a partner to truly make a positive impact with their staffing needs.”

-John C.
Site Director/Market Area President



“My experience at ASC couldn't have been better. I had just made a huge transition from California and needed a job quickly. I didn't expect that I'd have one, especially with a great company, only a couple days after I walked into ASC. You can tell they care about getting to know you and fitting you into a job that suits you. Thank you to everyone at ASC!”

-David S.
Audit Prep



“American StaffCorp has become a trusted partner for fulfilling our staffing needs in Oklahoma City. We’ve been faced with high levels of employee turnover during the last year, and ASC has worked diligently to ensure our staffing needs are met in a timely manner to prevent any disruption to operations.”

-Michael M.
Director of Operations



“I’ve been using American StaffCorp for several years as our primary staffing company. Through the years, the staff at ASC has done a great job of developing our relationship and taking time to learn and understand the values and expectations of my company. Our company is a little different than most places. We do not always hire the most qualified for our job openings. We look more towards the character of the individual and the potential of what they could become. ASC has taken the time to understand the type of employee that we, as a company, are looking for and has made great effort to only send out qualified candidates. We appreciate not being lumped in with every other business around. The staff at ASC does a great job of developing personal relationships with each company, and that is why they continue to have great success. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt and meet our needs is the main reason that I’ve chosen to use American StaffCorp as our primary staffing agency.”

-Robert A.



“As a small manufacturer, we don't always have the resources and time to recruit new employees. Using a specialist like ASC insures us of bringing in quality employees in a timely manner. What we like best about ASC is the turnaround time for our requests and how they respond to our needs.”

-Todd H.
Production Manager



“ASC has proven to be a leader in the staffing industry. My company has worked with ASC since 2003. ASC’s professional staff has consistently illustrated attention to the details of my company’s needs. ASC offers top-notch quality service. The staffing professionals back that up with being dependable, straightforward and honest. I am happy to recommend the team at ASC. We share a common goal of getting jobs for quality people that want to work.”

-Larry N.
HR Facilitator



“All of the staff is courteous and most accommodating. Questions are answered in a timely manner and the staff knows what type of employees we are looking for. Any difficulties get handled quickly and privately. Love working with all of the staff.”

-Stacy J.
Office Administrator



“The people at American StaffCorp continue to work diligently to learn our industry to help better meet our employment needs. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and quick to respond. I am happy to work with the entire ASC team every day.”

-Karri S.
Human Resources Coordinator



“We’ve been using ASC for approx. 2½-3 years. They have always performed well and taken care of my requirements in a timely manner. We use both temp to hire and short-term assignments. We’ve hired a large percentage of our current full time employees through ASC.

The support staff at ASC is hardworking and always solves any issues in a fast, professional manner. They are attentive to my requirements and send the people I need, not just a warm body. ”

-Hal L.
Production Mgr.